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Funding For The Aviation Industry

We are able to provide asset finance solutions for businesses across the aviation industry and can consider any UK registered aircraft or equipment. We can consider any security, including:

  • Any UK registered aircraft
  • Simulators
  • Ground handling equipment
  • Airfield equipment

Funding For The Marine Industry

The marine industry can prove to be a unique challenge and specialist assistance is often needed when looking for funding. Our experienced team have the knowledge and experience to get you the financial outcome that you need.

We can consider any UK based boats, or funding for UK-based companies. Assets we can secure financing for include:

  • Cargo ships
  • Support and supply craft
  • Wind farm boats
  • Workboats
  • Survey vessels
  • Coastal ships
  • Hire boat fleets
  • Tugs and barges
  • Yachts
  • Ferries

How We Work

As a specialist broker, we aren’t tied to any lender, meaning we are free to advise you of the best possible solution, without bias. Finance facilities for the aviation and marine industries can be large, so it’s important that you get the best possible terms.

In addition to saving you money, we can work closely with the lender to negotiate flexible payment terms to suit you.

When you decide to work with us, you get a dedicated account manager, who will oversee your application from enquiry to completion.

What Security Is Required?


When funding aircraft, our finance partners will usually look to take a mortgage over the aircraft in addition to a debenture and a personal guarantee where appropriate.

When lending is offered to an LLP or limited company, a mortgage is also usually registered with Companies House.


For marine funding facilities, a marine mortgage is usually registered with the relevant marine authority. In addition, for lending to a ltd company or LLP, a mortgage is also registered with Companies House.

Again, where appropriate, a personal guarantee with usually be required.

Will I Qualify for Finance?

Assuming the asset that you’re looking to purchase is considered suitable security, your application will be assessed on two main points:-

  • Credit History – Lenders will look at the credit history of the applicant to ensure that you’re a creditworthy borrower. Funding in this area is quite specialist and as such, there are not a vast number of strong lenders. Many lenders in this space may accept some previous credit issues but will expect a reasonable level of creditworthiness.
  • Affordability – The lender will be keen to ensure that the proposed repayments are affordable for you. With this in mind, the lender will want to see proof of income, usually by way of accounts and business bank statements.

Will I Need Insurance?

Yes, post completion, your asset will need to be fully insured to an appropriate level. This is usually a condition of any finance agreement.

What Term Can You Offer?

This is handled on a case by case basis depending on both the applicant and the asset. We can offer terms up to 84 months, with some applications being restricted to a maximum term of 60 months.