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What are Finance Leases?

A finance lease is a type of asset finance that allows an item to be leased for the majority of its expected lifespan. They allow businesses to benefit by giving them access to a piece of equipment that they need, without having to buy it.

Finance leases are provided by asset finance lenders and high street banks to allow business owners to acquire equipment with little upfront cost. A finance lease involves the lender purchasing the item on your behalf and lease it to you for an agreed period.

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The Advantages & Disadvantages

While financial leasing is a popular, tried and tested route to funding assets, it’s crucial to understand the pros and cons before you settle on this asset finance product.


  • The initial outlay when acquiring the item is very low, which will have a positive impact on your working capital position.
  • Unlike hire purchase agreements, there will be no VAT to pay upfront.
  • On sale, you will usually share in the sale proceeds, providing a cash lump sum to your business.
  • The monthly rental payments can be tailored to your business to ensure they remain affordable throughout the term of the lease.
  • Finance leases are tax efficient as they allow tax to be offset and VAT to be reclaimed.


  • You will not own the item at any point during the finance lease.
  • You are taking the risks associated with ownership as you will be responsible for repairs and maintenance.

How Does It Work?

The item is purchased by the asset finance funder, who will then rent them item to you over an agreed term. A small initial payment is usually required, followed by a fixed monthly rental payment.

During the term of the lease, customers will usually be responsible for any servicing, repairs and maintenance that is required.

At the end of the required lease period, there are normally three options available:

  1. Extend the lease and continue to use the item as needed.
  2. The item can be handed back to the lender, with no further involvement from your business.
  3. The lender can sell the item and will usually allow you to share in a portion of the sale price.

Is a Finance Lease Right For My Business?

Choosing the right asset finance solution for your business can be a complex decision. There is often little difference in cost between a finance lease and hire purchase, the decision often comes down to how it will affect you from a taxation point of view.

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