Expert Tips on How to Approach Asking for a Pay Rise

With the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, many people are looking for ways to make their money go further. As well as using budgeting techniques – such as cutting down on unnecessary spending, like takeaways or entertainment subscriptions – one approach is to ask your employer for a pay rise, ideally at least in line with inflation. … Read more

The Fall of FTX – A Case Study

In the second half of 2022, the crypto market was rocked by one shock after another. First, Bitcoin suffered one of its most dramatic drops, plummeting from $35,000 in April to $17,000 by June, with altcoins following the same pattern. That was largely attributed to the TerraUSD Classic (USTC) losing its peg against the USD … Read more

How to Manage Compulsive Spending & Shopping Addiction

We collaborated with consultant clinical psychologist Dr Nick Johl to discover more about compulsive spending, shopping addiction, and impulse buying. Read on to find out more… Compulsive Spending What is compulsive spending / shopping addiction? Nick shared that “shopping addiction, which is also known as compulsive shopping disorder, is where the desire to make purchases … Read more

The Vital Role of Mentors in Small Business Success

The business press is full of terrifying tales about new business start ups. Depending on which particular horror writer you prefer to believe, something between 40 and 60 percent of new businesses fail in the first three years. However, that doesn’t deter more people every year from taking the plunge and launching their own businesses. … Read more

Money Vs Mental Health

In March 2023, The Bank of England raised interest rates again, taking the base rate to 4.25% in the 11th rise since December 2021. With this news, and the ongoing cost-of-living crisis in the UK, we collaborated with consultant clinical psychologist Dr Nick Johl to discover Britain’s biggest money worries, commenting on the impact on … Read more

SHROVE TUESDAY: Cheapest Supermarkets Pancake Ingredients Revealed

We love helping people save money, and we really love pancakes, so what better than to spend an afternoon working out where to buy the cheapest pancake ingredients. So we asked our team of secured loans brokers to delve into the numbers and look for the best ways to save money on your pancake ingredients. … Read more

Most ‘Affordable’ Michelin-Approved Restaurants in the UK & Ireland

In a bid to discover the most ‘affordable’ Michelin-approved restaurants in the UK to book for those looking to celebrate a special occassion, we analysed information from the official Michelin website. Looking at the restaurants which either have been granted a Michelin star, or been awarded the Bib Gourmand or Green Star in the online … Read more

Unexpected ways AI will change your life

REVEALED: UNEXPECTED WAYS AI WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE – WITHOUT YOU EVEN KNOWING Did you know that only 1/3 (33%) of the world’s population believe they use technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI)? When, in fact, over three quarters (77%) of us do on a daily basis. But, AI is far from robots attempting to take … Read more

Companies more profitable than countries

When we’re not busy helping borrowers get bad credit homeowner loans, we like to delve into the worlds finances and look at the super wealthy. It really is a different world for super rich individuals and companies. This time, we took some time out and asked our superb homeowner loans team to take a look … Read more

A snapshot of administration Britain

Business administration leads to redundancies and is a common reason that our homeowner loans team hear for how consumers to ended up in debt. So we decided to give them a break from explaining to people how to get a homeowner loan and tasked them with taking a deep dive into how business administrations impact … Read more

Is the UK in a property fraud crisis

Property fraud has become an increasingly pervasive problem in the UK, with devastating consequences for individuals and the economy as a whole. The fraudulent activity can range from individuals falsifying mortgage applications to complex organized schemes involving multiple properties and fake identities. The impact of property fraud is not limited to financial loss for victims, … Read more

How billionaires plan to live forever

When we’re not busy working away on our day job as secured loan brokers, we like to have some fun. So we decided to research the crazy things that billionaires laugh in the face of immortality! Enjoy! HOW BILLIONAIRES PLAN TO LIVE FOREVER While we all know that billionaires control a substantial amount of the … Read more

The future of UK high streets

The high street has been struggling for years and the trend only looks set to continue. While we’re seeing a rise in billionaires and countries that make more money than entire countries, local businesses continue to be squeezed. We tasked our team of homeowner loan brokers to take a deeper look into the data and … Read more

The truth behind generation rent

THE TRUTH BEHIND ‘GENERATION RENT’ Recent figures suggest that up to 1/3 of millennials (people aged 23-38 as of 2019) may never be able to own their own home and have no other option aside from renting property their entire lives – while 1/2 will rent well into their forties. We decided to take a closer look at the … Read more

You vs the mega rich

YOU VS. THE MEGA RICH As we work with people who are looking to raise finance every day, we have a very good idea of the financial health of the nation. Some of our clients are wealthy, while others are struggling. Frankly, we have seen everything and very little shocks us. We decided to take … Read more

Surviving the social credit score

Most people are familiar with credit scores and how they impact a persons ability to take out a homeowner loan or other type of borrowing. Now, some countries are looking to social credit scores to ‘manage’ their population. China are the most widely reported, but of course, there is plenty of speculation as to whether … Read more

Who owns the UK

While many people can’t afford to buy a property, the fortunate few own great swathes of the UK. We took a break from our busy day job working with bridging loan lenders to break down who really owns the UK. While many people are struggling with rising interest rates and face a real struggle to … Read more

The royal economy

The Royal Family’s wealth is a contentious topic in the UK. Many people love the traditions and ceremony that go hand in hand with it while others believe the whole thing to be a drain on taxpayer money. Whichever side of the fence you’re on, there’s something undoubtedly fascinating with the Royals’ finances – how … Read more

The true cost of living in UK cities

We’re big believers in giving back to the community through financial education, so when we’re not busy arranging secured loans, we like to delve into the numbers behind the numbers, and educate consumers. With that in mind, we took a deep dive into the true cost of living figures for UK regions and cities. Depending … Read more

Disney fox merger

Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox means that the House of Mouse now controls a huge amount of our most beloved films and television series. Announced in December 2017 and expected to take until at least 2021 to complete, this $66.1bn deal (that included taking on a sizeable debt portfolio from Fox) ranks amongst the … Read more

Video game moguls

Here at ABC Finance, we love playing video games and we also love looking into the finances of industries. With that in mind, we took a break from our day job as a leading secured loan broker who specialises in bad credit secured loans to take a look into the world of the leading video … Read more

The rise of lord sugar

Lord Alan Sugar is best known for his long tenure as host of the BBC’s hugely successful show The Apprentice. We asked our team of homeowner loan brokers team to take a break from educating borrowers on how to get a homeowner loan to take a look at some of his greatest achievements. His qualifications … Read more

How to spot a money pit

As one of the leading bridging loan brokers in the UK, we’re well versed in properties in need of serious refurbishment. As such, we broke down the key things to look at to make sure that you avoid a money pit! Buying up and leasing property is considered one of the most sure-fire ways to … Read more

UK’s most successful property tycoons

As leading bridging and secured loan brokers, we’re always working with property investors. We wanted to have a bit of fun here and break down who the biggest property tycoons in the UK are. As such, we took an afternoon away from arranging bad credit secured loans to have a little fun and deep dive … Read more

10 best films about finance

From Oliver Stone’s epic Wall Street to the hilarious Trading Places and Scorcese hit The Wolf of Wall Street, the topic of finance has inspired many a classic film. It’s no surprise when you ponder on the varied world existing within finance, which takes in everything from making ends meet to making personal millions. Consider … Read more

Collectible investments

When we’re not busy arranging homeowner loans and helping our clients understand how to get a homeowner loan, working out the best deal and talking to lenders, we like to have fun. With this in mind, we decided to take a look at the world of collectible investments. Read on below to see what we … Read more

A Guide to Becoming a Commercial Finance Introducer

We receive a large amount of enquiries each week through our panel of introducers and in return, they receive a healthy commission on the back of all completed cases. Our introducers come from many different backgrounds and work in many different roles, but have one thing in common – a relationship built on trust with … Read more

Working with lenders for development financing

Development Finance has been growing strongly since the market crash and we are now returning to almost pre-crash levels, with the market still on an upward curve. As people move to increase the returns on their property investment, more and more people are looking at development opportunities. When going beyond heavy refurbishment and moving beyond … Read more

The growth of the bridging finance market

As the bridging finance market continues to grow and the market evolves, more and more clients are looking at bridging as a viable product to secure a better deal than they otherwise would be able to achieve. Whether it’s a bridging loan to facilitate a purchase before your own property has sold, securing a lower purchase price … Read more

Raising money to pay urgent corporation tax

No matter how prepared you think you are, and how precise your budgets are, at ABC Finance, we appreciate that sometimes things can get in the way of your best laid plans. When it comes to saving each year for your Corporation Tax bill, sometimes the unexpected can happen, whether you have to outlay to … Read more

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