Interbay Reduce Rates across Commercial Mortgage Range

Specialist Challenger Bank Interbay Commercial have today announced significantly reduced rates across their product range for both Commercial Mortgage and Semi-Commercial Mortgage products. Going forward clients will be able to enjoy pay rates starting from 4.89% for Commercial Mortgages and 4.29% for Semi-Commercial Mortgages.

These products have been designed to simplify the product range and have replaced the previous prime and standard ranges, structuring rates in the new system into 3 tiers determined solely by the property yield. The change is designed to reflect asset quality and is even available when a property is currently vacant.

It is anticipated that even on lower yielding properties, the client will pay less under the new product matrix than they would have when using the previous products, meaning happier clients and higher net yields for property owners and investors.

On both mixed use and full commercial properties, clients are able to borrow up to 75% loan to value with repayment or interest only being available for the term of the loan and is the products are available for both owner-occupied and property investor applications.

In addition to the products mentioned above, Interbay also offers some excellent products for development exit, residential investment properties, pre-planning finance and property refurbishment loans.

Full details of the product range can be found in the introducers forms section of our website. Register as an introducer today for access the full product range.