Invoice Discounting vs Invoice Factoring

Invoice Finance is largely made up of two products, invoice factoring and invoice discounting, in today’s blog, we will look at each product and briefly discuss the differences between the two.

Both products are designed to release vital cash into your business using unpaid invoices and are mainly used to improve cashflow, or to fund vital expansion of a company. Many companies, such a recruitment and haulage companies will often run on factoring at all times, as a method of controlling cashflow as almost all income will be paid on 60-90 day invoices, which can cause strain on company finances.

Benefits of Invoice Finance

  • Invoice finance allows you to release up to 90% of the value of your invoices on day 1, meaning you no longer need to wait 90 days for payment from suppliers.
  • The level of borrowing available increases as your business grows.
  • Providers of invoice finance are always available to offer sensible advice to help your business and will be able to advise quickly due to their ongoing relationship with your business.
  • Funding can be raised quickly when cashflow becomes an issue.
  • Invoice finance can be secured only on your sales ledger, meaning you don’t have to tie up other assets.
  • Invoice Finance can be a very cheap way to borrow money for your business.

The Differences Between The Two Products

With invoice factoring, the provider will provide the funds required and take control of the management of the sales ledger, credit control and any actions regarding upaid or late payments. As a result of this, your customers will be dealing directly with your invoice finance provider, so will clearly know of their involvement.

With invoice discounting, the client retains control of credit control and the sales ledger, and simply borrows the money from the provider, meaning you will continue to invoice them directly, meaning there will be no need to inform them of any third party involvement.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking at invoice factoring or invoice discounting for your business and are confused by the many different providers, pricing structures and names for various services, then why not contact ABC Finance today for simple, honest advice on the best invoice finance lenders for your circumstances.

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