Supporting SMEs – Simple Business Solutions

At ABC Finance Limited, one of our core focuses is supporting SMEs. We want to not only help you hit your business goals but also support you when unexpected payments fall due and offer advice when you’re not sure which way to turn. With this in mind, we are offering one to one appointments where we discuss your business as it stands today and where you want to be in the future.

Rather than focussing on a single product, such as a commercial mortgage or invoice finance, we will take you through the process from start to finish, find out what you do, discuss your aims and locate any potential bottlenecks and future risks to your business.

Only when we truly understand exactly where you are today and what you’re aiming to achieve, when you want to achieve it and what could potentially hold you back from getting there will we look at products and services that will help you.

By taking this approach it allows you to forget about the minefield of products available, and focus on what really matters, running your business and focussing on your goals. Rather than throwing various financial products at you, we have found that we can make the entire process a lot more efficient by letting you keep focused on the running of your business whilst we work behind the scenes to make sure your business is well organised financially.

According to recent research, almost half of the SMEs asked felt that the business advice they received from their own banks in the last 12 months have actually had a negative impact on their business with 16% believing they are now in a worse position as a result of the advice received.

The people behind the research (Amicus Commercial Finance) went on to find that 52% of those asked actually ignored the advice they received from their bank. 53% of SME owners polled in the North West and West Midlands are the most disappointed in the service received, but the figures show a nationwide trend for people feeling let down.

When it comes to raising finance for a business in need of a cash injection, 30% of those asked wouldn’t describe the bank as helpful and 46% wouldn’t describe their bank as flexible.

The figures continued to look bleak for West Midlands based business owners with 65% suggesting that they wouldn’t describe their bank as helpful with working capital or overdraft support.

As fully independent and impartial commercial finance experts, we are able to go beyond the scope of the bank manager and advise purely on the best solutions for your business, focussing on the targets and challenges of your business, therefore helping you to grow, without bias to any products or lenders.

In our experience many of the people we speak to continue with their existing financial products regardless of whether they are paying too much or the products no longer suits the business model. Often they feel intimidated, out of their comfort zone or too time restricted to even begin to source alternative products.

After assessing both your wants and needs, we look at the whole financial market and simply offer you the most suitable products and plan the right moves for you both now and in the future, arranging follow ups at suitable points to review how your plan is coming along whilst keeping track of any areas that we may be able to save you money.

If you miss the good old days of banking, where your trusted manager has a good understanding of both your business and objectives, and looks to help you grow rather than sell you products to suit them, then contact us today for a no obligation chat about how we can help to support your business.