Time is Money - More or Less

We seem to be in an age of ‘more’ with more commercial lenders, more bridging lenders and more options for business finance now available, with new lenders coming to the market on a regular basis. One would think that this makes it easier for brokers to place cases, but that is not always so unless you have an experienced packager to work with. More choice simply demands more experience, as all lenders have their own USP’s. Unless you know each lenders criteria inside out it can become complicated, confusing and very time consuming.

There are a limited number of good packagers throughout the UK who have the expertise to not only place cases but also guide them through to completion, providing that they have access to all of the new lenders.

At ABC Finance Limited our Introducers are fully aware of our success in this area and we are now registering more and more advisers who want to get a higher percentage of potential cases through to completion. Experienced whole of market packagers like ABC Finance not only use Mainstream lenders but have the added benefit of access to all of the new lenders including the many challenger banks entering the arena.

The clients remain yours and we never cross sell and keep you up to date all the way through the process with our online case tracking system and regular email updates.  Passing enquiries to us as soon as they are received results in both satisfied clients and a higher chance of a speedy completion, leaving you to focus on what you do best. This means less work for you and more time to generate new business.

So, with all credit to Benjamin Franklin, perhaps less really can mean more.