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UK’s most successful property tycoons

UK’s Most Successful Property Tycoons

Making it big in the property game is an aspiration for many. To get there you either need family money, some high-flying industry contacts or business savvy – sometimes all three.

The UK’s real estate market is fiercely competitive and draws attention from business giants all over the world. With home-grown billionaires battling foreign investors for the best development opportunities, there’s never a slow day when it comes to property.

This infographic looks at some of the most successful examples of property tycoons currently operating in the UK. Some come from privilege while others dragged themselves up by sheer will and persistence but all of them share one common factor, they have all benefitted from the highly lucrative real estate market.

Despite being notoriously secret, there is a lot of fascinating information available about these captains of industry. Read on to find out their net worth, which buildings make up their extensive portfolios and how they came into such impressive property empires.

UKs most successful property tycoons