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Use our free business loan calculator to work out your likely costs

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Use our free business loan calculator to work out the costs of borrowing money for your business.

Our simple to use calculator allows you to understand your costs with no need to give away your personal information.

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How do I use the business loan calculator?

Our business loan calculator is designed to make the process of calculating your expected repayments simple. Follow these three simple steps to learn more about options available to you today.

  1. Input your loan amount, interest rate and the expected term of the loan.
  2. Press the big orange button!
  3. Our calculator will then show you the monthly cost of such a loan.

The next steps

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We’ll talk you through all your options and let you know exactly what your costs will be.

Alternatively, read on below for information on what should be input into the business loan calculator above for the most accurate results.

How to calculate business loan eligibility

As with any type of finance, each lender has their own way of assessing whether you’re eligible for a given loan.

The maximum loan available to your business depends on a number of factors and will vary greatly depending on which lender is the most suitable for your business. The main factors that will influence your maximum loan are:

  • Accounting information (turnover and net profit)
  • The ability to manage the monthly repayments comfortably
  • Credit history
  • How the loan will change the trading position of the business
  • Bank account conduct

Unsecured business loans generally have a maximum loan size of £500,000. Although, for the right application, lenders will consider more.

Where a loan is taken out and secured against property, this is known as a secured business loan. The maximum amount for secured business loans is generally £1,000,000 but much larger loans would be granted to established and profitable businesses.

An experienced commercial finance broker will be able to quickly tell you how much your business would be eligible to borrow based on your trading position.

What documents will be required?

Before issuing your loan, the lender will usually want to see some important documents to assist with the underwriting process. Although this differs between lenders, you will generally be asked to provide the following:

  • Business bank statements – these will be used by the lender to check your account conduct and general cash flow management.
  • Financial accounts – These allow the lender to ensure that the new loan would be affordable, by checking turnover, net profit and any trends visible in the accounts.
  • VAT returns – Where the borrowing business is VAT registered, VAT returns will usually be requested. These returns are usually issued quarterly, with 2-3 quarters generally being required.
  • Details of the Directors and major shareholders – This will allow the lender to understand the people behind the business.
  • Proof of ID and address – These are required for each Director and major shareholder for AML (Anti Money Laundering) purposes.

Interest rates

Interest rates start at 4.3% for the lowest risk applications. When calculating your loan repayments, an interest rate of 8-12% is usually realistic.

For a company whose credit history is poorer, or have a history of previously bounced payments, a rate of 12-18% can be expected.

The interest rate charged can vary a great deal depending on your risk profile. Each lender will have their own method of calculating this. If your credit history is poor, or you are perceived as a high risk, the interest rate charged will usually higher.

It’s important that the total cost of credit is considered, rather than just the headline rate. Arrangement fees and other costs can dramatically increase the total cost of credit.


When calculating the monthly repayments on an unsecured business loan, a term of 1-5 years is usually realistic. This term length is common and therefore any agreement between these two figures is realistic, as long as the monthly cost is affordable.

For secured loans, terms of up to 10 years are possible, so calculate the cost based on affordable monthly repayments up to this figure.

Speed of completion

Unsecured business loans are usually able to complete in 1-2 weeks. Secured business loans usually take a little longer and the funds can generally be released in around 2-3 weeks.

Our team of advisors and processing staff work closely together to ensure your application is always completed quickly. As a result, we can ensure no time is lost between application and completion to allow your funds to be drawn down as quickly as possible.

At ABC Finance, we have access to other business borrowing products that allow funds to be drawn down on within a few days. If you require funds urgently, speak to an adviser and we will start work immediately on your application.

Key features

We offer business loans on the following basis:-

  • Loans from £10,000-£500,000
  • Rates from 4.3%
  • Loans for UK Ltd Companies and LLPs
  • Loans for sole traders £25,001-£500,000

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