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Our range of fast business loans are designed to get funds into your account in record time. Whether you’re looking to plug an urgent gap in your cash flow, complete a quick purchase or capitalise on a time sensitive opportunity, we can help.

Read on to learn more about our fast business loan service, or fill in the form to get free advice from our team of business finance experts.

What is a Fast Business Loan?

When you need funds within a tight timescale, a quick business loan from ABC Finance Ltd guarantees that you will save time and money. We access lenders from across the whole business loan market to find the fastest lenders for your circumstances.

Our experience of working with these lenders allows us to accurately predict how rapidly your funds can be drawn down.

We manage the whole application from start to finish. Your dedicated adviser, in tandem with our underwriting and processing staff, ensures the loan completes as quickly as possible.

There are a lot of business loan providers in the market who promise to release funds quickly and it can be hard to know where to turn. Simply put, our only concern is securing the right finance for your business, fast.

How Could a Quick Business Loan Benefit My Company?

Additional funds can be required for a variety of reasons. Whatever yours is, we use our extensive contacts to place you with the right lender first time and draw down the loan quickly.

If your cash flow has slowed down, we will have the right solution for you to inject the required working capital into your business. If you need funds to make a payment, purchase stock, invest in growth or for any other purpose, we can arrange your fast business loan.

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How Much Can I Borrow?

The fastest access to business borrowing us usually through unsecured borrowing facilities. We offer unsecured business borrowing for any amount between £3,000-£500,000.

How Much Will It Cost?

The interest rate will vary depending on a number of factors, such as:

  • How much you need to borrow
  • How long the funds are needed for
  • How quickly the funds are needed
  • How long you have been trading

As a guide, our unsecured business borrowing rates start at 1.9% per annum. Although your costs are likely to be higher than this if your funds are needed in under five days.

How Quickly Can I Draw Down Funds?

We work with lenders who can release funds on the day of application. If you need the money within 24 hours, we can make that happen.

There is always a trade-off between finding the lowest rate and using the fastest lender. We balance your needs to find the product that is most suitable based on how urgent your need is, and the interest rate charged.

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Get the best deal with ABC Finance

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How Do Fast Business Loans Work?

We use our contacts across the market to make sure your fast business loan is arranged with the most suitable lender for you.

Your dedicated advisor will ensure the lender chosen is able to work to your required timescale and will then manage the process for you.

Our proactive approach allows us to stay on top of the application and manage any issues immediately. This means your application is never standing still and ensures your funds are released as quickly as possible.

What is The Process?

Releasing money quickly into your business can be done using a variety of products. Each product will work slightly differently, as will each lender.

Whichever route is chosen, we will ensure your fast business loan application completes within your chosen timescales.

First, talk to one of our advisors who will take down some basic details about your business and your needs. We will treat the application as urgent, issuing terms almost immediately to you by email.

Once you confirm that you’re satisfied with the terms, we will submit your application to the chosen lender along with any required supporting documents. The lender will then expedite the application, underwriting the application fully.

Where applications are urgent, this entire process can be completed in just a matter of hours.

What Types of Fast Business Finance Are Available to Me?

Business loans can be a great source of fast funding, but they aren’t the only option. We will always cross check your application against other types of borrowing which could be either quicker, or more suitable for you.

Other products include selective invoice finance and merchant cash advances.

What Documents Will I Need to Provide?

When you’re looking for funding in a hurry, we try to keep the documentation to a minimum to keep the process streamlined. Even with this in mind, there is still some documentation that will be necessary to allow your application to progress. You will need to supply the following:-Details about your business (we will usually complete your application for you over the phone)Accounts for your business3 months business bank statements

We can usually accept these documents by email to avoid having to wait for documents to arrive.

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