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Refinancing Properties

Our case study about refinancing commercial properties

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Finance Terms

Upon application, the properties had a small amount of finance on them with a high street lender which was spread over them both. The clients were naturally looking for the best deal available.

  • Loan Amount – £344,250
  • Combined Valuation – £620,000
  • Rate – 4.25%
  • Term – 25 years
  • Monthly Payment – £1,865
  • Repayment Method – Repayment
  • Lender Arrangement Fee – £5,100


Upon obtaining leases for the commercial premises it was picked up that one of them had in fact gone onto a rolling contract which meant we had to change direction in our sourcing as the majority of the lenders were put off by this.

As we have access to the whole market, we were able to discuss the case with a ‘top of the list’ lender, however, the initial decision was the same – they would not want the property that had the rolling lease.

We were advised by them to refer the case details along with a strong justification of why their lending would be secure over both properties and the underwriter came back completely agreeing with us. We were successful in securing a lender that would accept the rolling contract due to the length of time that tenant had been there and the fact that it was a blue chip company alongside the other property.