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Part-Built Development

Find out how we stepped in to fund a part built development

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The client had funded the build up until the point of enquiry, but was running out of funds and didn’t want to put a stop to construction.

Although the client was fairly new to property development, he had a strong history of project management and a number of transferable skills. On top of this, works to this point were well documented.

Lenders are often put off by part-built developments, due to lack of control over the works that have already been completed, so the client contacted us to put his case across.

The key requirements

Loan Amount Required:£1,127,715
Proposed GDV:£2,135,000
Term Requested:12 Months


We focused our report around the strength of the applicant’s project management experience, the ability of the team around him and the demand for the scheme.

After picking up the case, we were able to issue terms on the same day and submit a full application shortly after. The process moved forward quickly, which allowed the client to continue the development with no delay in construction.