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The Benefits of Working with a Development Finance Broker

A breakdown of the key benefits of working with a development finance broker

Author: Gary Hemming CeMAP CeFA CeFA CSP

20+ years experience in development finance

There are numerous reasons why working with a development finance broker is beneficial and we’ve listed several of the main ones below.

Our expert team are available to answer any questions you may have about the process of applying for development finance on 01922 620008 and you can also enquire online.

Finding the right deal can be difficult

Finding the right property development loan can be far more difficult than other types of funding. Whereas residential mortgages can be compared online, there tends to be very little information out there from most development finance lenders.

We try to solve this by producing our own development finance comparison to give you the information you need. Although this is helpful, there are many complex factors in selecting the most suitable product for your needs.

We use our specialist knowledge and up to date market knowledge to place your application with the right lender, first time.

Put simply, a good and experienced development finance broker will save you time. A broker will help you to find the best possible development finance interest rates.

Access the whole market through one quick enquiry

Our advisors have connections across the whole property development finance market. These connections can be utilised to secure the most suitable funding for you, fast.

By taking the time to discuss your needs with one of our development finance experts, you will save time in securing the best terms. Rather than having to scour the internet for lenders, calling each one to find out whether they would be willing to fund your scheme and on what terms, you can have that conversation only once.

Our team will then do the hard work for you and come back with the best possible terms, in writing, and within two hours.

Impartial advice

Our development finance experts are tasked to find the best possible deal for you. We aren’t tied to offer the products of any lender, meaning our advice is truly impartial.

We’re never guided by relationships or how much lenders pay us, we focus solely on what is best for you.

We negotiate on your behalf

Development finance products are often not ‘off the shelf’, meaning there is an element of negotiation in securing the best deal. We work on your behalf to resist increases in rates and charges when they are put forward, and look to drive down the rate where possible.

The savings made are usually significant, especially on larger loans.

We handle the paperwork

Securing development finance is a time-consuming process. The time taken to secure funding, fill forms, communicate with the lender and generally track the process can be tough to manage. This is compounded by the fact that arranging a property development project is also a lengthy task.

By working with an experienced and reliable broker, you can save a lot of time on form filling, talking to lenders and chasing for updates. We can save a lot of this hassle by doing the hard work for you.

The time saved is not just in form filling and chasing matters for you, the technical expertise in dealing with issues as they arrive and securing the best terms are key. We have come across most issues previously, meaning we can resolve problems quickly that may otherwise drag on for an extended period of time, or even derail the application completely.

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