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HMO Mortgages

  • Licenced or unlicenced
  • Term up to 35 years
  • No minimum income

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Specialist HMO Mortgages

If you’re looking for an HMO Mortgage for a property that is slightly out of the ordinary, get in touch with our experts and we’ll secure the lowest rates for you.

ABC Finance Ltd is a specialist commercial finance broker and we are able to help you when you don’t fit into the usual ‘boxes’ that lenders look for.

We work with a number of specialist lenders who are able to assist with properties that are out of the ordinary. If you are looking to convert a commercial property into an HMO, finance an HMO with more than 8 rooms, or anything else out of the ordinary, we can help.

  • Up to 85% LTV (100% with additional security)
  • Limited companies, LLP’s & SPV’s accepted
  • Interest only or repayment
  • Loans from £25,000 with no maximum
  • No maximum bedrooms
  • Corporate leases accepted
  • Individual or shared tenancies
  • New build or newly converted accepted
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HMO Mortgage Lenders

We have access to the whole market, including specialist lenders. Our lenders range from buy-to-let to commercial mortgage lenders. Commercial lenders will usually be open to larger HMO properties and will lend with no maximum number of rooms.

Every lender has slightly different rules, meaning there isn’t a uniform set of criteria across the market. Mainstream buy to let lenders who offer HMO mortgages will usually accept no more than 8 rooms. In addition, they are often less willing to lend if your portfolio grows above a certain size.

When trying to find the right mortgage for your circumstances, we compare HMO mortgage rates from across the market for you. Once we are satisfied that we have secured the best possible terms, we will explain the leading product to you in full.

HMO Mortgage Rates

We work hard to secure the lowest HMO mortgage rates from across the market, comparing rates from all lenders. We aren’t tied to any 1 lender and are totally unbiased, our only interest is in securing the best deal for you.

Each enquiry is different and interest rates vary depending on the property and your experience. More experienced landlords will tend to enjoy lower interest rates.

Loan to value (LTV) is another main factor in securing a low-interest rate on your HMO. The lowest rates tend to be available up to a maximum of 60% of the property value, however, we can offer products up to 80% LTV.

Applying For Your Specialist HMO Mortgage

  1. Enquire online or call us and we will discuss your application and exactly what type of product you’re looking for
  2. Once we understand your enquiry fully, we will compare HMO mortgage lenders from across the market to secure you the lowest possible terms.
  3. We will then send the full terms along with details of the action needed to apply for the loan.
  4. Once you have discussed the product with your advisor and are completely happy, you can sign and return any required documents.
  5. We submit your application to the lender, who will assess the loan and conduct their credit checks.
  6. Once comfortable, the lender will instruct the valuation and complete the final underwriting.
  7. When the valuation has been completed and signed off, your formal offer will be issued.
  8. Your solicitor is instructed to carry out the legal work and satisfy all conditions. They will run through the terms of the agreement and ensure you fully understand the loan. Once satisfied, you will sign the formal offer and return it to the lender.
  9. Once all of this is done, the funds can be released and the loan completed.

Converting Your Property Into An HMO

When looking to convert a property into an HMO, we have lenders who will support you with property refurbishment finance. Regardless of the level of development work involved, we will have a lender ready to lend.

In some cases, we can arrange a property refurbishment loan, while having the long-term HMO mortgage pre-approved and ready to complete. In these circumstances, you are able to move to the cheaper long-term loan as soon as the work is complete.

Working With ABC Finance

At ABC Finance Ltd we work with every major HMO mortgage lender across the market. Our strong relationships with lenders across the whole market mean we can secure the best terms for our clients quickly. By working with us, you can access the whole market through one enquiry.

From the first conversation, right through to completion, we manage the whole process for you. This means you can relax while we carefully manage your application through to completion. Enquire online now or call us on 01922 620008 to get a fast personalised quote.

Capital repayment basis
interest only also available

Limited companies accepted
also applications from individuals

100% loan to value
with additional security

Whole of market
including specialist lenders

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