ABC FinanceIntroducers – working together

Introducers – Working Together

Introduce Commercial Finance To ABC Finance

We work as an extension of your organisation to allow you to expand into new markets, offer additional services and access new lenders for your clients.

An Extension Of Your Organisation

We at ABC Finance Ltd appreciate the importance of maintaining client relationships.

Becoming a commercial finance introducer enables you to ‘ring-fence’ your clients by offering an extensive range of products quickly and easily through one trusted source.

Our experience in the market and strong lender ties mean that no matter how complex the situation, we are ideally placed to assist with your enquiry.

This means that working with us will not only unlock more profit from your existing clients but will increase the chance of referrals for your core services.

What Products Do You Offer Through Your Panel Of Introducers?

Depending on the introducer and their situation we are able to accept both FCA regulated and unregulated applications for the following products:-

What Information Does An Introducer Have To Provide In Order To Qualify As A Referral?

We are a flexible commercial finance organisation and really value our introducers. As such are keen to make sure we make the whole process easy for everyone involved.

Whether you want to chat through the enquiry giving us the information you have, send us a fully packaged application with completed ABC Finance Application form, or simply pass on the name and a number of your client with a need for finance and we will register the application against yourself.

As an introducer, you will receive the same commission payment on completion regardless of how much or how little information is provided upfront.

Do I Retain Control Of The Client Relationship Throughout The Process?

It’s totally up to you; if you want to keep control and update the client yourself we are happy to work this way.

Equally, we can manage the application on your behalf and just provide you with occasional updates as and when a ‘milestone’ occurs in the application process.

Whichever way you prefer, your commission remains unaffected.

Why Should I Refer My Clients To ABC Finance?

As a successful master broker operating since the year 2000, we have built up a solid reputation and our knowledge of the market that is second to none meaning we can place deals where others have struggled or have said no.

By passing your clients to us, you can be sure of excellent service, access to the best lenders in the market and therefore happy clients.

We aim to become an extension of your organisation and we appreciate that to do this, we must keep the process simple, fast and effective.

How Will I Know Whether My Referrals Are Successful?

We keep you updated every step of the way. Throughout the process, we will provide regular progress reports over the phone, by email, or text message -whichever route works best for you.

What Happens If My Client Comes Back To You Without Involving Me?

Whenever one of our introducers clients come back to us, we always inform the introducer as soon as we receive the enquiry and of course treat the client as if the enquiry had come directly through them.

This means you will still receive your introducer commission, still benefit from our no cross-selling agreement, which means we will never sell a product to your client that you are able to offer yourself.

How Do I Register To As An Introducer?

To register as an introducer, simply fill in the below form and you will be contacted about your registration.

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